OUR FOCUS: In-depth analysis of financial and non-financial performance data

Ken Moore Associates believes that all supervisors, managers and executives should be financially literate, regardless of their professional field of expertise. One does not have to be a CPA or a PhD. to understand how decisions in their discipline can impact the company's financial health.

The Performance Scorecard is an intense program that teaches managers and leaders how to critically examine three elements of corporate performance data. From this examination, you will be able to directly link your departmental deliverables and strategies to the overall goals and objectives of the company and increase the effectiveness of your discipline's arguments.

The Performance Scorecard teaches you how to analyze three areas critical to successful corporate performance and link them to your functional areas of expertise:

  1. The Financial Four
    • Profit, Equity & Share Value management
    • Debt management
    • Cash management
    • Asset management
  2. Positioning the company to sustain and grow its business (five factors)
  3. Measuring Corporate Social Responsibility or Relationship Management (eleven factors)

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