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Ken and I became acquainted when he joined our group at HR Solutions. Since then we have become colleagues, friends and frequently work in a partnership. I have been a guest lecturer in his programs and we have co-authored articles together and are planning additional work. Ken has always been a dedicated HR Professional but more than that he has dedicated his work toward assisting HR professionals to strive to become a business partners and become less of a staff organization. Ken believes that HR professionals could have significant impact on the bottom line of their business if they better understood the business metrics, economy and customer needs. In order to take the function seriously they have to understand issues and become part of the business improvement process. He has a proven track record in training, and development but is equally comfortable in traditional HR roles. I welcome the opportunity to work with Ken in the future. Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
- Robert Furlong, Principle – Sage Leadership Consulting and former Manager, HR Solutions, General Electric Company
After working closely with Ken Moore for 10 years, I have never met an individual more committed to the advancement of his progfession. My respect and adminisrtion for him has many dimensions but none is deeper than for his ability to communicate information in a manner that activates and motivates. These, and other qualities, have enabled him to become an accelerator for the learning journey of students, colleagues, and his clients.
- Raymond, Van Ness, PhD., SUNY-Albany
I have known Ken Moore for many years and have found him to be an articulate speaker, a diligent writer, and a dedicated professional. He is enthusiastic about his projects and truly enjoys his work with both students and clients.
- Jennifer Stahlkranz, Managing Editor, Morris Media Group
I consider Ken to be an expert on the subject of strategic human management. I was first introduced to Ken's expertise when he facilitated a workshop regarding metrics at the Genesee Valley Chapter of SHRM conference on Strategic Management in July of 2006. I also have had the pleasure of serving with Ken on SHRM Organizational Development Special Expertise Panel. He has had serveral noteworthy articles published for the national Society for Human Resources Management. Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative
- Fernan Cepero, Vice President of Human Resources, YMCA, Rochester, NY
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